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It’s possible to  follow the specific  “Personal Protocol “ according to the problems and to the person, with Dr. Enzo DI MAIO’s Method. Dr. Enzo DI MAIO’s Method integration of the most current knowledge of Western Medicine with the Philosophy of Ayurvedic Medicine and other drugs based on naturality’ of therapies

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The “Personal Protocol according to the method of Dr. Enzo DI MAIO” includes:

  1. Detoxification: will be able to be done also in your own home following the instructions, in a period from one to three days, depending on the case
  2. Alimentary Advices: will be chosen the right foods, according to the Philosophy of Ayurvedic Medicine and the most actual Western scientific knowledge. It considers events both belonging to the past and the present. In practice, there will be a table with foods to avoid, a daily diet pattern and tables specific to each class of foods. These tables will be listed by foods to find again your own balance, foods that can take themselves occasionally and those to avoid
  3. Complete Program: includes the guidance on what kind of supplements are helpful to the person with his/her history and his/her current problems. Eventual indications for physical activity specially designed “ad personam”. Tables for the daily check, to be performed once a day, in a minute. These tables provide us important data for the development of the Personal Protocol.
  4. Free Remote Assistance with your Personal Assistant: One of our assistants will follow for the duration of the Personal Protocol, about two months. Both by telephone, either by email and if you like in video consulting. This service network will be managed by an assistant of your choice. The same assistant will follow you throughout your path. Thus we are able to follow you better and you can establish a real relationship of trust. During the two months of therapy feel free to contact us for free by phone and via email


The “Personal Protocol” will be completely personalized on the individual. It will be very simple to follow and it will give excellent results.


To obtain “Personal Protocol” it’s sufficient to fill in Constitution Test and after having a password, Preliminary Test too. Happened the automatic sending of the Tests three work days will pass, necessary for the elaboration of the “Personal Protocol”. The fascicle will be subsequently sended for email in format pdf and could be saved on your own computer and also printed. In the “Personal Protocol”, approximately 30 pages in A4 format, all the instructions are contained in a simple and easily understandable way. In every case for whichever doubt in merit feel free to contact us, for email or telephone, free of charge, for two months, our staff.

To obtain the password that it allows to approach the Preliminary Test, and then obtain the “Personal Protocol”